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Most Popular Cycling Tournaments

Most Popular Cycling Tournaments

Cycling tournaments have existed for centuries now. There are some that are world- famous, while others are simple local tournaments organized by communities. Here is all you need to know about four of the most popular cycling tournaments.

Which are Some of the Most Popular Cycling Tournaments?

1. The Tour de France

This is arguably the most known cycling tournaments in the world. It is also famed to be one of the most difficult races to win. Participants have to cycle for 3500 kilometers over a span of 23 days. Tough, isn’t it?

The first Tour de France tournament was held in 1903, which also makes it one of the oldest cycling races ever established. Since then, there have been over 100 Tour de France tournaments. It also forms part of the 3 European Grand Tours.

2. Giro D’Italia

The Giro D’Italia is revered as the second most famous and equally tough race after the Tour de France. It commences either in late May or early June, which is rather late considering that most other European tournaments begin in mid- March. For those who love online betting, you would be well advised not to place your bets on those who have participated in earlier races. This is because the races can be quite exhausting, and this might affect their ability to win subsequent races.

This race is not held on any one fixed route. However, it is a remarkably long race as it is held over the span of 23 days. It is also one of the oldest tournaments having been established in 1909. It forms part of the European Grand Tours as well.

3. Paris- Nice

Also known as the Race to the Sun, this is yet another incredibly popular French cycling tournaments. It may not form part of the European Grand Tours, but it is also a relatively old tournament, having been established in 1933. The first winner was a Belgian cyclist by the name Alphonse Schepers. However, it is Sean Kelly, an Irish cyclist, who is perhaps most associated with winning this race. He has won it a solid seven times, which is certainly an unbroken record.

4. Vuelta a Espana

This is the third most famous cycling tournament after the Tour de France and the Giro D’Italia. It also is the third of the European Grand Tours. As of 2014, there had been 69 Vuelta a Espana tournaments held. It is held over a span of 21 days with two days of rest as well. The first winner was a Belgian cyclist Gustaaf Deloor, while Roberto Heras, a Spanish cyclist, holds the record of the most wins.


Cycling tournaments provide a great online gambling opportunity. Do not let the fact that cycling is not greatly popularized fool you into believing that online betting sites for cycling tournaments don’t exist. Be sure to try your luck. You never know what might come from it.

Tips For Beginner Cyclists

Tips For Beginner Cyclists

Cycling is a sport enjoyed by over 35 million riders. Cycling can be for either workouts or recreational purposes. Physical fitness and general body health can be improved by frequent cycling.

Cycling is free and can be enjoyed in any place. Here are some guidelines a beginning rider may follow to improve their performance, comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

Safety First

  • Always wear a helmet on every ride.
  • Wear brightly colored clothes with reflective trim even during daylight hours.
  • Use front and rear lights and check the batteries often.
  • Wear protective eyewear. Wear anything from tinted to clear depending on the conditions and time of day. Lenses should be shatterproof types made for sporting activities.
  • Obey all traffic signs and use the appropriate hand signals when turning.
  • Travel with the traffic not against it.
  • Do not ride while wearing headphones.
  • Walk across rail road tracks as they are notorious for causing falls. The front wheel slips sideways on the slick steel track very easily.
  • Stay hydrated. Carry enough water to get you between stops.

Get Comfortable

Make sure you have the proper size bike for your body size. Proper frame size is essential to putting the rider in an ideal position for effective cycling. The seat needs to be positioned so that your leg is just slightly bent at the bottom of a stroke. The handlebars should be positioned about an inch below the seat on most bikes. The ideal width should be close to the width of your shoulders.

Wear clothing for cycling.

There are a lot of comfort features built into cycling clothing. Padding in shorts, moisture wicking fabrics, vented shirts and pants, are just some of these features. Gloves with gel pads are very nice to wear. Cycle long enough and you will appreciate the features in cycling apparel.

Ride Right

Most cyclists pedal at a rate of 70 to 80 rotations per minute, rpm. Using proper gearing will allow you to achieve this cadence regardless of your level. As you progress the number of rotations will stay the same but the gear selections will be different.

On uphill climbs gear down to maintain the same rpm’s and avoid the temptation to stand up and pedal. Standing up actually causes you to expel more energy thus making the climb more difficult.

Ride with your elbows slightly bent and relaxed. This helps with absorbing the bumps in the road.

When on a mountain bike during steep off road descents lower your seat about 6 inches and shift your weight to the rear of the seat to keep most of your weight on the rear tire. Not doing this can cause you to go head over the handle bars if the hill is steep enough.

Get Started With Online Cycling Betting Odds-Become Expert!

Get Started With Online Cycling Betting Odds-Become Expert!

Cycling betting odds, what place for your sports betting?

Much less popular than football or tennis in sports betting, cycling is nevertheless an event on which most bookmakers offer odds, unlike the famous gambling game which everyone has gotten attention to them. In France, and unlike our neighbors across the Channel, sports betting on cycling is highly regulated, because the shadow of corruption often hangs over. With the Karabatic (Handball) case recently, these types of restrictions are only expected to increase.

Entering sports betting is not as easy as one can think.It often happens that the young bettors feel a little relying upon between so much information available from any source.Various bookmakers, odds, prognoses are the bets to choose. But in France, all the cycling markets for odds are in one place which makes it easy for the participants and beginners to access a wide range of cycling odds at the same time.

What types of bets on cycling are allowed in France?

Only a few categories are available in Paris in France. Here is a detail of each of them:

  • Winner of the competition (Rider + Team)
  • Winner of the stage (Rider + Team)
  • Final bearer of a distinctive jersey: best climber, best sprinter, best young
  • Holder of a unique jersey at the end of the stage: best climber, best sprinter, best young
  • Intermediate results where points are up for grabs: intermediate sprint, top of a col

If the offer is less attractive than the English bookmakers or any other casino game, it is still interesting for players “not experts” in this area. The sports Paris sites offer odds on the most significant championship and towers (Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta), allowing you to follow the critical steps in this sport.

Principals for you same as any other sports bets game

As always, you have to be very careful when involving yourself to any match of cycling betting odds any event. Of course, you first need to consider what is the most attractive offer among all the sports betting sites available. But more specifically for cycling, here’s what to put into considerations on any cycling betting odds event:

  • Who are the participants present at the event?
  • Who are the favorites?
  • Who was the former winner?
  • The host country of the competition (influence of the fans along the road)
  • What type of course (topography: mountain, flat) for which runner profile?
  • What is the forecast weather?
  • Be careful not to bet too soon: risks of cancellation, suspension, injury, etc. necessary.
Relative odds of the bookmakers for the Tour de France

The Tour de France is the flagship cycling competition, so we offer you a comparison of the odds of bookmakers. Today, the most used sportsbook site for this one is BetClic, which concentrates more than 50% of the bots on the Tour.We also offer the world champions betting on all the road race and time trails events. Come and join us with our cycling betting odds today.