Get Started With Online Cycling Betting Odds-Become Expert!

Cycling betting odds, what place for your sports betting?

Much less popular than football or tennis in sports betting, cycling is nevertheless an event on which most bookmakers offer odds, unlike the famous gambling game which everyone has gotten attention to them. In France, and unlike our neighbors across the Channel, sports betting on cycling is highly regulated, because the shadow of corruption often hangs over. With the Karabatic (Handball) case recently, these types of restrictions are only expected to increase.

Entering sports betting is not as easy as one can think.It often happens that the young bettors feel a little relying upon between so much information available from any source.Various bookmakers, odds, prognoses are the bets to choose. But in France, all the cycling markets for odds are in one place which makes it easy for the participants and beginners to access a wide range of cycling odds at the same time.

What types of bets on cycling are allowed in France?

Only a few categories are available in Paris in France. Here is a detail of each of them:

  • Winner of the competition (Rider + Team)
  • Winner of the stage (Rider + Team)
  • Final bearer of a distinctive jersey: best climber, best sprinter, best young
  • Holder of a unique jersey at the end of the stage: best climber, best sprinter, best young
  • Intermediate results where points are up for grabs: intermediate sprint, top of a col

If the offer is less attractive than the English bookmakers or any other casino game, it is still interesting for players “not experts” in this area. The sports Paris sites offer odds on the most significant championship and towers (Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta), allowing you to follow the critical steps in this sport.

Principals for you same as any other sports bets game

As always, you have to be very careful when involving yourself to any match of cycling betting odds any event. Of course, you first need to consider what is the most attractive offer among all the sports betting sites available. But more specifically for cycling, here’s what to put into considerations on any cycling betting odds event:

  • Who are the participants present at the event?
  • Who are the favorites?
  • Who was the former winner?
  • The host country of the competition (influence of the fans along the road)
  • What type of course (topography: mountain, flat) for which runner profile?
  • What is the forecast weather?
  • Be careful not to bet too soon: risks of cancellation, suspension, injury, etc. necessary.
Relative odds of the bookmakers for the Tour de France

The Tour de France is the flagship cycling competition, so we offer you a comparison of the odds of bookmakers. Today, the most used sportsbook site for this one is BetClic, which concentrates more than 50% of the bots on the Tour.We also offer the world champions betting on all the road race and time trails events. Come and join us with our cycling betting odds today.